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State Authorization & Professional Licensure

Compliance at the Mount

State Authorization

Mount Saint Mary's University (MSMU) is physically located in the state of California. State authorization is what allows Mount Saint Mary's University and other institutions to conduct certain educational activities outside of their home state. Every state has its own regulations that we must follow in order to conduct educational activities in that state.

Professional Licensure

There are certain careers or fields that require a professional license. Licensure is the act of granting a license to practice a profession (Merriam-Webster, 2018). Licensure requirements to be licensed in a given field may vary by state. MSMU’s professional licensure programs are designed to prepare students for a license in the state of California. For students who wish to practice in a state other than California, you may or may not have additional requirements you must complete prior to applying for your license in your state of choice. Please visit the Disclosure波音投注平台 section for more program specific information and/or contact information.

波音投注平台The SANsational Award recognizes outstanding efforts by SAN member institutions and organizations in developing a high-quality, comprehensive solution to a challenging state authorization issue.

波音投注平台In 2018, Mount Saint Mary’s University received TWO SANsational awards in two of the three categories:

  • Licensure Programs - Notifications and disclosures for professional licensure program status in each state.
  • Location - How do you identify where your students are located?

For more information, feel free to explore the

Search Authorization by Program

Search Authorization by State

波音投注平台The map below shows:

  • The green states indicate where MSMU is currently allowed to offer online courses to students in the state. In each of these states we may either be officially authorized, officially exempt, or not under the state's jurisdiction for authorization.
  • The orange states indicate where MSMU is allowed to offer online courses, but there may be some restrictions. Please contact an admissions counselor if you are in one of these states.
  • The red states indicate that MSMU is not currently authorized to provide online courses to students in the state and is, therefore, not currently accepting students into any online programs from these states.

Map Legend


Allowed to offer all online courses / programs


波音投注平台Allowed to offer online courses / programs with some restrictions


波音投注平台MSMU has not yet received authorization to offer any online courses / programs

Frequently Asked Questions

What is state authorization?

State authorization allows institutions to conduct certain educational activities outside their home state (for MSMU outside of California). Each state has unique authorization requirements, so MSMU must review each state's laws and rules to ensure that the university is in compliance. A U.S. Department of Education rule also require institutions to show proof of authorization in each state that requires authorization in order to participate in federal student financial aid programs.

Why does it matter?

In order to offer education opportunities to students outside California, Mount Saint Mary's University must comply with state and federal laws. Federal law requires an institution to be authorized where required in order for the institution to participate in federal financial aid programs. Authorization regulations protect a student from investing in a program that is not legitimate or from a program that does not meet the professional license or certification requirements in a state the student was expecting.

How will I know if your program meets professional licensure requirements in my state?

Licensure requirements vary by state and can often change, so be sure to contact an admissions counselor or your academic advisor for further information.

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