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Undergraduate Associate Programs


For many students today, an Associate Degree is the first step toward a four-year degree. Trust Mount Saint Mary’s University to provide you with the solid education you seek, while providing you with the education necessary to transition seamlessly to the Baccalaureate program at the Mount

Mount faculty and staff are dedicated to helping every Associate Degree student achieve her goals. You'll gain fundamental knowledge for an enriched life, and the opportunity to earn a Bachelors Degree at either our Chalon or Doheny campus. Plus, as part of the Associate Degree program, you'll explore a wide range of career options that are available to you.

波音投注平台Beginning your Associates Degree at the Mount is the most efficient way to transition to the Mounts Baccalaureate degree. With the exception of any remedial courses you may need to take, all of your courses will count towards your goal of a Baccalaureate degree at Mount Saint Mary’s.

Once you begin at the Mount, you will complete a range of tests to measure your reading, writing and mathematics skill levels in order to target you to the right classes. Mount Saint Mary’s University is dedicated to helping you achieve scholastic success, and that begins with understanding your academic strengths.

波音投注平台If you would like, you can transition to the Baccalaureate degree program after only two semesters. Some students complete their Associates Degree prior to entering the Baccalaureate program and do so in as little as four semesters.

Mount Saint Mary's University’s Associate Degree program is the academic springboard to help you achieve your goals, whether that's advancing to a Baccalaureate degree, or entering the workforce.

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