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Business Administration


BS in Business Administration

Weekend/Evening College’s Business Administration program develops leaders who can make complex decisions while valuing the responsibility they hold to the global community.

波音投注平台At Weekend/Evening College, you’ll discover a Business Administration educational environment characterized by four key themes: global business, management communications, business ethics, and innovations in contemporary business management.

波音投注平台The Weekend/Evening College Business Administration curriculum is a blending of in-person sessions at our Doheny campus near downtown Los Angeles and online coursework.

波音投注平台Choose from one of four Business Administration programs now available:


Prepare for a professional career in public accounting, the private sector and government service. Learn the accounting profession, networking skills and business acumen as part of our Accounting Association.


波音投注平台Prepare for a career in sales, advertising, marketing and public relations. Learn about consumer behavior, selling, advertising and marketing research. Minor in Computer Graphics. Participate in American Advertising Federation national advertising competitions.


Prepare for professional management and leadership positions in domestic and global organizations. Develop world-class leadership skills through hands-on, experiential learning in the classroom and real-world settings.

major-businessadmin-international-180x180International Business

Prepare for a career in international management, marketing, finance and government service. With global business as a focus, you’ll experience travel/study courses, perform international internships, and develop a global business perspective.

If you’re looking to advance your career in business, consider the BS in Business Administration degree program from Weekend/Evening College at Mount Saint Mary’s University.

波音投注平台You’ll focus on a wealth of subjects as part of the dynamic curriculum:

  • Management
  • Information Systems
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Business Law
  • Accounting
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • …and much more

Best of all, you’ll incorporate your own workplace experience into the fabric of the classroom. Every Weekend/Evening College course emphasizes discussion, group projects and written communication, so you’ll learn in a collaborative and effective manner.

Take Action Now

波音投注平台Start your new future today by enrolling in Weekend/Evening College from Mount Saint Mary’s University.

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