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Entrepreneurship Certificate


Entrepreneurship Certificate Program at Weekend/Evening College

The Entrepreneurship Certificate Program helps cultivate innovative entrepreneurial skills required for today’s fast-paced, continuously changing business environment. Students will acquire the ability to think and act responsively, flexibly and creatively. Innovation and adaptation are central to the tenets of the Entrepreneurship Certificate Program.

Weekend/Evening College students enrolled in the Entrepreneurship Certificate Program will be able to apply the business skills of planning, managing, financing, and marketing to create a new venture or help lead an existing business to think with a higher degree of innovation.

The Entrepreneurship Certificate is available to Weekend/Evening College students, and is offered at the Chalon Campus.

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Program Requirements

A total of 12 semester units in qualified courses must be successfully completed by the student to qualify for the Entrepreneurship Certificate.

Section One

One of the following is required. Each course is three units.

BUS 145 – Entrepreneurship
BUS 176 – Small Business Management

Section Two

Student are required to take 3 courses from Section Two, or 2 courses from Section 2 and three one-unit courses from Section Three

BUS 106 – Business Law II *
BUS 195 – International Marketing*
BUS 157 – Human Resources Development
BUS 175 – Sales Management

* These courses have a prerequisite

Section Three

Each Course is one unit

Accounting & Finance for Small Business
Accounting Systems for Small Business
Managing Diversity
Negotiation Skills
波音投注平台Personal Finance

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