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Liberal Arts

WEC Liberal Arts

BA in Liberal Arts

The Liberal Arts degree program at Weekend/Evening College provides a solid background for graduate work in law, public administration and most humanities and social sciences.

Weekend/Evening College’s Liberal Arts degree program encourages the study of human beings and societies from the multiple perspectives of the humanities and the social sciences.

波音投注平台As part of the curriculum, you will explore and combine insights into human art and activity that are revealed by psychology, literature, art, history, philosophy, religious studies, music, sociology, economics, and anthropology.

波音投注平台Earning a degree in Liberal Arts from Weekend/Evening College provides a foundation for graduate work in law, public administration, and most fields in the humanities and social sciences.

波音投注平台You may also combine the Liberal Arts degree program with a minor in Business Administration or Psychology to enhance your professional specialization goals.

波音投注平台Prepare now for your future with a Liberal Arts BA degree from Weekend/Evening College at Mount Saint Mary’s University.


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波音投注平台Start your new future today by enrolling in Weekend/Evening College from Mount Saint Mary’s University.

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